Attention M.A. Part I and Part II students...

All M.A. Part I and Part II students are hereby informed that the last date for Internal Assessment Assignment Submission is 30th  Sept 2014. No assignments will be accepted after the above mentioned date.

Also, all the students are requested to fill out the forms for University Semester Exam. Last date is 23rd September 2014 (without late fee) and 4th October 2014 (with late fee.)

Students failing to submit the assignments and fill out the forms for the University Semester Exam can not appear for the semester exam, will be considered as failed...

Department of English
RMC College, Akurdi,

Notice for MA Part 1 (2014-15) students...

MA Part 1 (2014-15) students are requested to contact English Department for the details about the commencement of first semester, syllabus and assignments.

-Department of English

M. A. English Part-II-Credit System (Semester III & IV) Syllabus

M. A. English Part-II-Credit System (Semester III & IV) Syllabus has been given on the below link. MA Part-II students are requested to make note of this syllabus.


-Department of English

MA Part I Semester II 2013-14 (New Course) Assignments

Students of MA Part I Semester II 2013-14 (New Course) are hereby informed that topics for the assignments for second semester have been given by respective teachers. Please contact Department of English for further information.

Last date for the submission of assignments is 25th February 2014.

-Department of English

Welcome NAAC peer team...

 Department of English heartily welcomes the NAAC peer team members to our Prof. Ramkrishna More College of Arts, Commerce and Science.

  • Dr. R. S. Bawa, Vice Chancellor, University of Chandigarh: Chairman NAAC Peer Team
  • Dr. R.L.Mathur, Principal, Lachoo Memorial College of Science and Technology, Jodhpur: Member Coordinator, NAAC Peer Team
  • Dr. Sudipti Banerjea, Head of Commerce Department and Director IQAC, University of Calcutta, Member, NAAC Peer Team 

Certificate Course in German kicks off...

Department of English is happy to announce that a certificate course in German, affiliated to Foreign Language Department, University of Pune has started in our college. German language has become an important language for students as more and more German companies are making their way in India. This course has been started to provide an opportunity to students to learn German. We hope that this will  help our students to strengthen their CVs.  Dr. Sangita Ghodake is the coordinator of this course.

Report of “Business English through Animation” Course 2013-14

Business English through Animation” Course conducted by Department of English of Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce and Science College, Akurdi and Department of English, HongKong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, HongKong
Under the Aegis of
The Student’s Welfare Association of the University of Pune

Department of English of Pune District Education Association’s Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce and Science College, Akurdi and Department of English, HongKong Polytechnic University, Kowloon, HongKong made collaboration in December, 2012. Under this collaboration Dr. Christina DeCoursey of Department of English, HongKong Polytechnic University is conducting a course entitled “Business English through Animation” in Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce and Science College, Akurdi. HongKong Polytechnic University is one of the leading universities of the world. This is indeed a moment of great pride for the University of Pune, Pune District Education Association and Prof. Ramkrishna More Arts, Commerce and Science College, Akurdi. The Student’s Welfare Association of the University of Pune provided the financial assistance for carrying out this innovative project.

The details of the course are given below:
Name of the Course: Business English through Animation
Course Designed by: Dr. Christina DeCoursey
Duration of the Course: 15 days : 28th November, 2013 to 13th December, 2013
Beneficiaries: Students of the college and the students of the colleges in the vicinity

Contents of the Course:
There are 8 subject knowledge areas required for doing animation: designing characters, building sets, script writing, sound, directing,  recording, editing, uploading. This course also included teaching students the basics of written and spoken business genres such as letter, memo, minutes, agenda and meetings. Students who complete the course will upload a short animation to Youtube. This URL can go onto their resumes, and become part of making them exceptional job applicants.

Need of the Course:
            Animation software has become much more user-friendly over the past decade. Previously, everyone wanting to be an animator had to learn programming fundamentals like spatial indexing, meshes, 3D modeling, and rendering through patterns and polygons. This took years to learn. However, in this case we are using the software “Muvizu” (2009), an animation programme  developed by Digimania. Based on the Unreal Engine 3 from  Unreal Technology, its visual quality is exceptional – it is currently used by platforms including PlayStation™ and Linux™. Muvizu has a sophisticated user interface that is also very intuitive to use. For example, its approach to character movement is practical for non-specialists because they function as directors rather than as technical animators. Its operational resemblance to Windows means most students already have a feel for the software. That is, characters, objects and scenes are edited using windows, toolbars, drop-down menus, and colour and texture palates. This definitely saves a lot of time in producing an animation.
            At the same time, doing animation is detailed work, because the 8 subject knowledge areas must be coordinated in every moment of every scene, so it definitely does take time. Script writing often takes the most time, as the creator must develop a concept and then put it into words. For these students, all of this happens in a second language, and must be embodied in software choices, so this also takes more time. These students had 16 x 2-hour sessions, or 32 hours, in which to make about a 2 minute animation. They found this amount of time sufficient, but still not easy.

Chances of Employability of the Students who have opted for the Course:
Animation is now used for
§  business web pages
§  electronic business cards
§  short sequences on company websites
§  communications to maintain customer relations
§  product use tutorials
§  product demonstrations
§  large-scale walk-throughs
§  process and system
§  marketing and advertising 
Many business, institutions, organisations and SMEs therefore need people to do this work. The students who have completed this course are going to get job opportunities in the fields mentioned above.

About the Course: The course was inaugurated on 28th November,2013 at the hands of Principal Dr. Nitin Ghorpade. Vice Principal Dr. Nilesh Dangat and Dr. Abhay Khandagale were present for the function. The valedictory function was held on 13th December, 2013. Hon. Mr. Sandeep Kadam, Hon. Secretary., P.D.E.A. was the Chairperson for the function. Hon. Vidya Gargote, Finance Officer, Pune University, Hon. Dr. Pandit Shelke, Director, Students’ Welfare Board, University of Pune were the Guests of Honour. 
                                                                                                               Dr.Shilpagauri Ganpule

Here are some links to the videos that were created by students.

Sr. No
Name of the Student
Youtube Uploded Links

Sonali  Kamalakar  Khot

Akash  waghamare 

Sujay  Kumthekar

Rupali  Yadav

Bhagyashree  Bhor

Dr. Shilpagauri Prasad Ganpule

Dipali  Gadhave

Pradnya  Narkhede

Nayan  Ghadi

Namrata  Alhat

Changalrao  Narayan B.

krushna  Shelke

Raviraj  Bhopale

Reshma  Sayyed

Rohini  Mane

Ruksar  Mulla

Kirti  singh

Aruna  Shinde

Sayali sonavane

Arti  Gaikwad

Shubham  Kumbhar A

Shaikh  Aadil A

Shaikh  Afzal

Mayur  Vijay Shinde

Kiran S. Dongare

Varsha  Shinkar

Puja  Deore

Sandeep  sanjay  Patil

Pallavi  Baraskar

Kunda  Waghode
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Ghare  Pratiksha  Uttam
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